Why ID-bracelet?

Accidents happens - immediately available, accurate information on our identity and health status can be vital.

That's why we launched the Djuva Bracelet, which can give anyone providing first aid all the relevant details they need, and the ability to contact next of kin immediately.

The emergency services can be given precise details and return precise instructions for giving the right first aid - and when trained personnel arrive, they will already know details of the patient's status, medicines and allergies, and can begin the treatment needed without delay.

That's why the Djuva Bracelet is a really good idea - and is even available in a range of great colours.

Djuva is ideal for

Active sportsmen and women who are often alone, e.g. runners, cyclists, horse riders, anglers and hunters.

But people with such ailments as heart problems, high blood pressure, diabetes or epilepsy will benefit from wearing a Djuva Bracelet.

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Your name and DOB

Rapid, accurate identification

Your hometown & Country                  

Helps confirm your ID along with your name


Reassurance for your family


Effective follow-up help and notification for your family

Medical details

Help for emergency personnel to make the diagnosis

Favorite quote

The people around need to know who you are

Show that you care about your healt with a Djuva Bracelet