So I started with Djuva ID

Djuva ID has been developed with passion and respect for an active life. Passion, because an active life is about experiences, personal goals, self-expression and adrenaline. Respect, because an accident can affect us all, anywhere and anytime.

In February 2010 dropped my brother Henrik suddenly at his home after a handball training. Henry was quite the daughter Trine. She could first aid and had enough vision and energy to give his father CPR until the ambulance arrived. My brother survived and after a long struggle come back to life - fortunately!

Henry's story is also the story of Djuva ID! The experience made me namely to think about my own life and ask myself the question: Why should the same could not happen to me - perhaps in a situation far from family and others who know me? I myself am active exercise rider and often drive alone on the road for many hours at a time. But what if I fall over in the asphalt - or have sudden cardiac arrest like my brother?

My answer is Djuva ID bracelet! A simple and smart way to give other acute and accurate information about my identity, health status, and who to contact if anything happens. Thus, I help others to help me!

I want to live my life to the full - a life rich in experiences, exercise and fellowship. With Djuva ID I salute both cyclist, runner and others who, like me, have a passion for an active life. Djuva ID is my respect to all of you, that challenge personal boundaries, giving you to the sport that I love, live a strong life and take care of yourselves!

Jesper Raarup,
Founder of Djuva ID

Jesper Raarup